Your new home workout essential

The ultimate home workout tool for women, seniors and beginners

Adjustable Weight

Adaptable to various weights up to 11 lbs (5 kg)per water weight. Just fill up and start working out.

Versatile & User-Friendly

Replaces cumbersome dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells. Exercises for each muscle group.

Perfect For Home Gym

Compact and easy to store, our adjustable weights fit in small spaces like closets, under beds.

Multifunctional and Easy To Use

Comfortable non-slip experience during workouts. Eliminate the need for bulky kettlebells and dumbbells.

Ideal For Women and Seniors

Avoid crowded gyms and enjoy the privacy of your own home.

Safe Workouts

They are safe for you, your family, pets, and your home. Unlike traditional metal weights, water-filled weights are less likely to cause injury if dropped or used improperly.

Total Body Workout

Exercises For Each Muscle Group, Targeting Your Abs, Glutes, Chest, Legs, Arms And Back.

Exercise Cards

AguaForce Weights come with 36+ illustrated exercises and movements, providing full-body workouts for every muscle group. They effectively target your abs, glutes, chest, legs, arms, and back.

Trusted and Loved By Women Everywhere

Purchased By Women Everywhere

Listen to What Others Have Said About Aqua Force Weights

Awesome product

I enjoyed having something different to workout with vs. dumb bells. The hand grips are SUPER comfortable. I like the multiple grips that can be used in various ways.

Sophie, M

Great product

Overall I think they are a great tool! My senior clients really enjoyed using it. They enjoyed working with it, and all thought it would be valuable for many people to have at home.

Hayley, C.
Personal Trainer

Ideal home fitness

Easy to set up and easy to put away. Very versatile, allows for a good workout. I really loved the idea of the water weights, especially the fact that you can adjust weights without having to have several sets of dumbbells sitting around.

Alexa, S