Get a Full Body Workout at Home for Only $39!

Space-Saving, Cost-Effective workout essential that replaces multiple traditional weights.

Adjustable Weight

Customize resistance by adding or removing water from 2-11 lb.

Durable & Leak-Proof

Built to last and designed to prevent any water leakage during workouts.


Compact and easy to store, perfect for home gyms and small spaces.

Versatile and Easy to Use

Comfortable non-slip experience during workouts. Eliminate the need for bulky kettlebells and dumbbells.

Perfect For Any Fitness Level

Safer than traditional weights with exercise cards to guide beginners. The adjustable weight feature offers a safe and customizable starting point for beginners.

Ideal For Home Workouts

Enables a full-body workout without requiring a lot of space, perfect for those who prefer exercising at home.

Total Body Workout

Exercises For Each Muscle Group, Targeting Your Abs, Glutes, Chest, Legs, Arms And Back.

36+ Exercise Cards Included

AguaForce Weights come with 36+ illustrated exercises and movements, providing full-body workouts for every muscle group. They effectively target your abs, glutes, chest, legs, arms, and back.

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Customer Voices

See Why People Love AguaForce Weights

As a personal trainer, this is a great addition.

These are great, affordable weights that have many grip options and the added bands and exercise cards are a huge plus. They don't take up much space and keep my gym looking clean. I had zero leaking issues and the plastic is durable. I will be integrating these (with the exercise cards) into my group circuit training workouts. This is going to be a hit with the ladies!

No Leak Issues ~ Opposing Handles make Product Versatile ~ Durable Material ~ Easy to Grip.

I am impressed with the sealing function and have not had a single issue with any water leakage. The design is great. I like how the opposing handles are molded into the design, offering variations in hand positioning. The handles are sized properly for my hands, so I'm able to acquire a solid grip with ease. The material is durable and the product is definitely built to last. I like having the freedom to adjust the weight according to my desired resistance needs.

This is so cool.

I'm pretty good w/my exercise routine when I'm home but....I travel between homes fairly often and I don't have a home gym at the other one. This is perfect to leave there. We occasionally rent it out so I didn't want to put any big expensive pieces there. I like that it marks the fill lines with how much weight it is. The handles on the sides and the too make it very versatile for lifting. I've also used it for hip thrusts. Adding this and a couple of other small pieces has made me a lot less lazy when I'm traveling.

Both form and function!

I like having an assortment of weights in my home gym, and was looking for something new. I love how portable and adjustable these water weights are- suitable for anyone, of any level. This goes up to about 11 pounds, so not the heaviest, but it’s adjustable- you can put in no water, or fill it full, or anything in between. Great for those who move frequently! Just empty and pack! I also, on a totally aesthetic note, love the pale blue color. If I have to work out, I feel my workout gear should at least make me happy, and this does.

Better than expected.

I liked this a lot more than I expected to! I wasn't exactly sure how I would feel about it having water in it, but it has actually helped in my at home workouts. I really like that I can control the amount of weight in this. That is a really nice perk of being able to fill this up yourself. The water doesn't make it difficult to have consistency while doing my workout either. It actually helps me concentrate more as someone has said because I try to control my movements more. I also love the price! Regular weights cost so much and I'm on a major budget. This is so affordable and I think that I'm getting the most (and more) out of this considering how cheap it is compared to kettlebells.

This works for so many exercises!

I wanted kettle balls, but after seeing this I thought it would be a nice way to adjust the weight I'm using over time. I was a little worried that the water moving around would be a problem, but honestly, I like the feedback it gives me. Some exercises need to be slow and controlled, and I try to keep the water calm and unmoving. The quick waist twist exercise causes the water to slosh a lot. This ends up being great to help stretch my range just that little bit more. It distracts me, and helps me workout longer. A strange benefit that I definitely wasn't expecting.

Very convenient.

It's a lot cheaper than buying weights and is well designed for its purpose. I usually use weight plates at the gym to do sit ups and I definitely don't want to buy those to keep at my house. This is a great alternative. I think I will fill this with sand instead of water eventually to get more out of it. Sand is heavier than water in the same volume, FYI.

Good work out option.

This is a neat way to work out. I like that you can fill it with water to get different weights. It has different grips as well so you can use it in a variety of ways. I like the exercise cards that it comes with as well. They show a lot of ways to use it and which muscles you will work if you do that exerciese.

Tried Something New For Weights, Pleasantly Surprised.

I totally love the idea of this water weight! I have a number of dumbbell sets, but needed some of the in between sizes. Being able to adjust the weight with water amount is ingenious! It came very nicely packaged and I love that it easily tucks away when you're done with it, unlike dumbbells that can leave a workout area cluttered without a rack. This water weight offered great versatility including the many ways you can hold the grips. Having this was such a refreshing change to my
normal weight training routine. And I looove the easy to follow exercise cards. This company really thought of everything. I plan to order more!


I've never seen or heard of a water weight before I ordered this. Genius idea! Love that you can empty it out after each use for easier storage. Also, I really love that you can fill it to your weight preference. It's like having several varying weights in one! I've used it for abs, arms, as well as like a kettle ball for glutes and hips. Works great for both. The weight only goes up to 11 lbs, but that's all I need!

A Well-Designed, Beautifully-Packaged Addition to Your Workout Program!

I've always wanted to try kettlebells, but you can pay upwards of $100.00 for a single one. Also, unless you're a an experienced weightlifter, hoisting upwards of 10-20+ lbs. of solid metal can seem a bit intimidating or even dangerous.

Great for exercise.

This is awesome! First it comes in its own storage bag and has a deck of cards with exercise demonstrations as well as encouraging statements, the container itself is very portable, the container color is a little translucent making it easy to see how much water you have added weight marking are clear and easy to see this is great for taking outside to the beach or even a friends house very transportable since you only need water to fill the weight, I like that the exercise cards also includes exercises using one weight if you do not have two. Definitely great value, sturdy 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

I love the Agua Force and the color!

I was really impressed with the Agua Force. It came in a nice cloth storage bag and with a deck of exercise cards which are very easy to follow. The sturdy and adjustable weighted jug has lines w/weights so you can figure out how much water to put in for each of the increments of weight. It is easy to fill up and does not leak at all. This is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to join a gym, or to use when you don’t feel like going to the gym. Again, I was really impressed with the quality and packaging of the product. It would be great or anyone, especially someone older wanting to exercise but wanting to start out very light. For people who are beginning or recovering from a medical situation, this would be really nice because it can be used without water, or very little water If you are just beginning. I highly recommend this product.

Great for RVers.

So traveling in an RV has its challenges and one - a very important one - is weight, you always have to be aware of your weight for towing purposes. Having a set of gym weights are out of the question but this is a very viable solution! It's lightweight and stores easily when not in use. You can add or subtract weight/water easily so no need for more equipment taking up space or added weight. It comes with cards for ideas and even motivation which is cute! You can create your own routine. It takes a little getting use to since the water does slosh around and moves it. Slow and steady works best. I had to mark a star off because there are no grippers on the handle. You start swinging this around with sweaty hands you could loose your grip and off it fly's away... pretty dangerous to a near by TV or person! I would recommend wearing some kind of gloves or adding something to prevent that from happening.

Easy to use.

This adjustable weight is well made, there is no leaking, you can add as much water to work way up to full for different workouts. It comes with its own bag and well as a deck of exercise cards. Can be used in various exercises too, ne handed or two. Very versatile.

What a great idea!

I have wanted some kettle bells for a long time but they're expensive and multiple ones would take up more space than I have, so this is a great solution to both problems. It's just a sturdy plastic jug with handles, but it does the job. The jug is marked with various fill lines representing different weights in both pounds (from 2 to 11 lbs) and kilograms (from 1 to 5 kg). The markings are molded into the jug so they won't wear off. It even came with a deck of exercise cards that I wasn't expecting, and a nice storage bag - normally something like this is junk but this one is actually really nice. Great product.

The deck of exercise cards is great, very motivating. The jug works well!

I have a pair of these, and they are really wonderful. Infinite amount of adjustability in the weight, so no matter what shape you're in, they can be light enough to manage. Weights are marked on the outside for reference when filling them, and they can do pretty much anything that a kettlebell can do. Maybe more in fact, because there are three hand positions instead of just one. And if we've learned one thing from the Tidal Tank phenomenon, it's that moving liquid along with resistance, works more muscle groups and does it better than static weight. The deck of exercise cards is wonderful. Whenever I'm not sure what kind of workout to do, I draw a few cards and get to work. There are sections for upper, mid, and lower body workouts, color coded. And some inspirational sayings too. All in all, it's a really nice package and makes exercise easier, which matters a lot. Really creative way to use kettlebells! These are a very creative way to have a full set of kettlebells without taking up a whole lot of space. Each bottle can hold 11 lbs of water, so you have up to 22 lbs of weights. Because you add your own water, you can adjust each bottle according to your needs. You can have the bottles weigh the same, or use two different amounts and use a single bottle at a time. They also come with exercise bands, so you can really get a full work out. They are easy to store, and refill as needed. I am very happy with them, and I recommend them. They are a great addition to your workout routine and they also make a great gift.

Sleek, Portable, and Easy to Store.

I like the sleek and compact design of these portable weights. As someone with petite hands, I discovered that the grip area was easy to hold and comfortable after continued use. The weights are conveniently labeled, showing exactly how much water is needed to achieve your desired weight. I haven't experienced any issues with water leakage from the weights. I appreciate the flexibility of being able to customize the weight according to my individual goals, eliminating the need to purchase and store multiple weights. Especially when empty, these weight are very lightweight. The resistance bands set is nice, too. I have been utilizing the set of exercise cards for inspiration for my workout routines.

The equipment and the motivation to get started.

These are so good. The jugs have markings on them to indicate how much weight results from different levels of water, so it's infinitely variable. The jugs themselves are very strong, and the lids have gaskets, so no worries about failure or leaking. So easy to grasp, with handles in three different positions. The hip resistance bands are really nice quality, three levels of resistance: green is the lightest, then pink, then purple. Maybe the best part of all is the deck of exercise cards. There are three sections, lower body, core, upper body and the muscles involved are highlighted on the figure. Even some motivational sayings to start each section. What I love most about these cards is that if I can't decide what exercises to do, I can randomly pick a card from each section and I'm good to go. All around, this is a great addition to my home fitness equipment. Better to stay home, for so many reasons.


I don’t have a lot of storage space in my duplex, especially not for exercise gear, but I’ve been trying to do some weight training and didn’t want to buy a ton of different weights of barbells. This is perfect for those that want to have a weight that they can change by simply adding or subtracting water. The water does slosh around, which was weird at first, but I was using them tonight for a simple kettle-bell ab workout, and it actually made the exercise more challenging in a good way, since I had to concentrate to balance the weight and it added a little more core training to the exercise. Overall, not a replacement for all types of weights, but great for when you’re just getting started and want something simple that you can change the weight of as you improve your strength without having to buy another set of weights.

Great quality!

This is a great set to start the new year off right! It works well and is super easy to use and change the weight! The colors are pretty and it is easy to store. Would recommend! Very adjustable and easy to use. I ordered these to use at home in the morning to stretch and just wake up my muscles for a long day of sitting at my desk. I like that you can easily adjust the weight by filling with more or less water. The bands are really high quality and durable. This is a great set to have on hand because let's be real. If it is raining I am not going to the gym and while I ordered these just for stretches, these can be used for a full workout if needed. Great alternative to traditional weights. Something about water weights.. the moving water helps get my mind focused better than using a kettlebell or similar weight. Works well and and the long handles make it easy to use.

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Set of 2 in Aqua

Includes 2 Water-Filled Weights, a Set of Premium Resistance Bands, and 36 Exercise Cards for a Full-Body Workout

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Set of 2 in Aqua & Pink

Includes 2 Water-Filled Weights, a Set of Premium Resistance Bands, and 36 Exercise Cards for a Full-Body Workout

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Set of 2 in Pink

Includes 2 Water-Filled Weights, a Set of Premium Resistance Bands, and 36 Exercise Cards for a Full-Body Workout

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Set of 1 in Aqua

Includes 1 Water-Filled Weight, and 36 Exercise Cards for a Full-Body Workout

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Set of 1 in Pink

Includes 1 Water-Filled Weight, and 36 Exercise Cards for a Full-Body Workout

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